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focusQatar Youth Meet

focusQatar organized a youth meet for its members and wellwishers. Famous islamic scholar and orater Siraj Iritti delivered a speech on topic “The importance of youth in social service”.He said that the youth should come forward to do service to socity, they should set different agendas based on morality .He also advised that the knoledge could be only increased by extensive reading and pratctical experiance. The event was held in Markazul Daawa auditoriud at Madeena Khaleefa Doha Qatar.Focus Qatar CEO Muneer precided the meeting.

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World Day for Health and safety at work

Conducted by Supreme Council of Health and organized by focusQATAR, the Celebration of World Day for Health and Safety at Work is usually a memorable and fruitful event for the participants and volunteers. The labour community has always been neglected worldwide.  Because of the poor living condition and exposure to hard working environmental factors, labors face many health issues.  They don’t get even time to go to a clinic or health center to get themselves checked. Supreme Council of Health in Qatar is taking a good initiative in this regard.  In support of the Annual Campaign of International Labor Organization (ILO), Supreme Council of Health is celebrating World Day for the Prevention of Occupational Diseases to promote safe, healthy and decent work in Qatar. The half day event, which is aimed at raising the general awareness of safety and health among the labours in Qatar, will be held at the Medical Commission complex, Abuhamur on Friday from onwards. FocusQATAR, is the organizer of the event The event contains a series of programs from 1.30 pm till 6.00 evening that includes free medical consultation for the participants, distribution of free medicines, interactive health seminars in different languages and workshops on ...

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