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World Day for Safety and Health at Work 2015

Supreme Council Of Health is celebrating “World Day for safety and Health at work” to promote safe, healthy and decent work in Qatar. This event is aimed to raise the general awareness of safety and health issues for workers. The event will be honored by the presence of many prominent personalities including, HE the Director of public health, HE the Ambassadors of several Asian countries, Other Senior Officials from major private and semi government organizations.The Supreme Council of Health has chosen Focus Qatar to organize this event. As part of this celebration, a full day Medical camp is scheduled on 12 June 2015, Friday. We would like to invite your employees on behalf of Focus Qatar and Supreme Council of Health to join us on this celebration. We would be offering free medical checkup, medical tests, free medicines, gifts, snacks and dinner for all the participants along with very informative and interactive seminars by expert Doctors in various languages.

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Focus the LEAD

focusQatar organized a Workshop for newly elected Leaders, which include Executive committee and the leaders from six areas committees. The sessions where focused on improving leadership skills of the leaders. The different sessions where “Focus on Effectiveness”, “Effective Meetings”, “Da’awa Thoughts”, “Organizational Communications” and other interactive sessions. The “Da’awa Thoughts sessions was handled by young Islamic scholar Mr.Mohammad Ali Farouqi, He advised the Focus Leaders that the Social workers should know themselves and that should reflect in their services. He insisted that the young generation should be focused on voluntary service even in this era of Information technology. The meeting was held at Fanar auditorium at Alkhor.Mr.Imtiyas Anachi (Deputy CEO) controlled the Workshop.  

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focusQatar Youth Meet

focusQatar organized a youth meet for its members and wellwishers. Famous islamic scholar and orater Siraj Iritti delivered a speech on topic “The importance of youth in social service”.He said that the youth should come forward to do service to socity, they should set different agendas based on morality .He also advised that the knoledge could be only increased by extensive reading and pratctical experiance. The event was held in Markazul Daawa auditoriud at Madeena Khaleefa Doha Qatar.Focus Qatar CEO Muneer precided the meeting.

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