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Heal The Heart , Heal The World

A campaign by focusQATAR to proclaim the importance of nurturing broad-mindedness and patience in individuals as a method of healing the heart to make the world a better place for coexistence.

To think that one’s idea or belief or action is perfect and doesn’t require any reform is the very nature of human being. People sometimes become arrogant to uphold their ideas and belief in all aspects of life. This leads to tensions and chaos so that the peaceful living of a society is disturbed by political, communal or individual violence. The inability of an individual or group of people to broaden their mind and heart to accommodate other’s views and actions in a global context is the leading cause of tensions all over the world, right from individual clashes and family issues to political and religious violence.
Tensions and chaos across the world are getting increased day by day. Depression among people are becoming a social evil. Women and Child abuse is increasing all over the world.Political unrest and religious extremism are taking peoples life and peaceful living opportunity for many. Corporate greed is demolishing ecological balance. Thus the word is becoming a barren land where virtues of goodness are getting dried out.
Every individual and country has the right to get a fair deal, but not at the cost of human life and environment. A little broad-mindedness and patience from the leaders of every single society can help to create an atmosphere of positive thinking in the society. Thus we need to stress the need to heal the hearts of the people with qualities of broad mindedness and patience. That’s what we call as “heal the heart, heal the world”.
All of the scriptures and books that are considered as divine across the world reiterates the need for nurturing the qualities of broad-mindedness and patience in an individual. A society formed by such good quality individuals will be a better place to live as their hearts are broadened to accommodate other people irrespective of their color. Creed, Nationality and political or religious belief.

Thus to make the world a better place for coexistence, we need to heal our heart with such qualities as broad-mindedness and patience.