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Focus the LEAD

focusQatar organized a Workshop for newly elected Leaders, which include Executive committee and the leaders from six areas committees. The sessions where focused on improving leadership skills of the leaders. The different sessions where “Focus on Effectiveness”, “Effective Meetings”, “Da’awa Thoughts”, “Organizational Communications” and other interactive sessions. The “Da’awa Thoughts sessions was handled by young Islamic scholar Mr.Mohammad Ali Farouqi, He advised the Focus Leaders that the Social workers should know themselves and that should reflect in their services. He insisted that the young generation should be focused on voluntary service even in this era of Information technology. The meeting was held at Fanar auditorium at Alkhor.Mr.Imtiyas Anachi (Deputy CEO) controlled the Workshop.


focusQatar Youth Meet

focusQatar organized a youth meet for its members and wellwishers. Famous islamic scholar and orater Siraj Iritti delivered a speech on topic “The importance of youth in social service”.He said that the youth should come forward to do service to socity, they should set different agendas based on morality .He also advised that the knoledge could be only increased by extensive reading and pratctical experiance. The event was held in Markazul Daawa auditoriud at Madeena Khaleefa Doha Qatar.Focus Qatar CEO Muneer precided the meeting.


focusQATAR conducted a Walkathon as part of Qatar National Sports Day-2015, on Tuesday morning at corniche. focusQATAR CEO Muneer Ahmed, Admin Manager AskarRahiman, Finance Manager AshifAzeez led the event. CEO conveyed a message to the youth to include sports activities in our daily routine.

Sports Focus

focusQATAR, conducted sports and games competitions titled ‘SPORTSfocus-2015’ for the expatriate Indians, supporting the Qatar National Sports Day. MadinaKhalifa Area won the overall championship in the event conducted at Al Furqan School, Luqta from 8am to 6pm. Dr. Abdulla Hamad Al Mulla, Secretary General of Qatar Sports Club, distributed the trophies and other prizes to the winners. Competitions were held among areas of Wakra, Hilal, Bin Mahmoud, Doha and MadinaKhalifa.  Members from QIIC and Insight Qatar were also participated in the event. Competitions were held for Football, volley ball, badminton, Arm wrestling, Chess, Walking race, Sac race and Tug of War. MadinaKhalifa area won 45 points to become the overall champion and Insight Qatar got second place with 25 points.focusQATAR Sports department manager Jashmeer Kasaragod led the event. Nisthar, Nagesh, Mohammed Rizwan, RiyasVanimel and Shihabudheen were the referees of the various team events. CEO Muneer Ahmed, Admin Manager AskarRahiman and QIIC General Secretary Ali Chalikkara addressed the gathering at closing ceremony.


When it comes to the selection of higher education, parents and students have the tendency to choose the conventional courses that are familiar to them, or considered as the most prestigious.  However, selection of higher education courses must be done according to one’s aptitude, interest and the ability to pursue such an interest.  focusQATAR creates an opportunity through Differential Aptitude Test, to discover one’s aptitude on career selection.

The Differential Aptitude Tests (DATs) are designed for use in educational and vocational guidance and are used by school counsellors, personnel officers, psychologists and all persons concerned with assessing the intellectual characteristics and educational or vocational aptitudes of adolescents.  They are group-administered tests of cognitive skills, divided into eight subtests. The subtests are Verbal Reasoning, Numerical Ability, Clerical Speed and Accuracy, Abstract Reasoning, Mechanical Reasoning, Space Relations, Spelling and Language Usage.

DATs can be used to help an individual:

Choose among educational and career options based on strengths and weakness; help an individual understand why they do well or poorly in certain subjects; can suggest new career options not previously considered; change or raise educational and career aspirations.

fQ has been conducting EDUfocus program since 2008.

LaaTusrifoo-Don’t be Excessive:  campaign on food wastage.

“LaaTusrifoo (Don’t be Excessive)” was one of the ECOfocuscampaign that has got wide appreciation from different walks of life in Doha. It was conducted in association with theme “Think, Eat, Save” of World Environmental Day celebration of 2013.The various programs conducted as part of the campaign were:

  •   Short Film Competition
  •   Left-Over Food Recipe Competition
  •   ECOcanvas – Awareness through paintings
  •   ECOtour – Visit to the mangroves in Qatar
  •   Public Seminars

The campaign conclusion held at Qatar Sport Club, Doha on 30 June 2013 was inaugurated by Dr. Sheikh Muhammad Al Thani, Director of Public Health, SCH. Famous Islamic scholar & speaker from Kerala, Mr.Cheriamundam Abdul Hameed Madani delivered the key note address on the topic “Theology of Health”.