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Lead the Change-Youth Empowerment Campaign

Lead the change -Youth empower campaign is an initiative to gather youth for volunteering foe socially beneficial activities. focusQATAR is organizing different programs for youth as part of this campaign.These programs include area gathering,family meets ,youth meets and sports meet . This program is announced as part of focusQATAR membership campaign for the upcoming term 2017-2018. Existing members can renew their membership and this is time for new members to join focus and become part of a youth organization which channelize their energy for social benefits. focusQATAR had published an online portal for registering for membership. REGISTER

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EDUfocus 2017 – Make the shift to Empower

The education and career trends in India are stagnant towards either engineer, doctor or a civil servant. However there is a need of proficient persons in the field of research, law Making, Politics, science, Humanities etc. focusQATAR has identified this issue and want to step forward to diverge current trend. These people bring fruitful changes in society by interfering in the general needs of public. focusQATAR identified the need for people in these fields with good moral values. EDUfocus is an initiative by focusQATAR to discuss these topics with public and bring their attention to this matter. Intellectuals who are doing research in these fields would be attending the session to en-light about the current trends and solutions for this issue.EDUfocus is a public program scheduled on 03 February 2017 on 3.30 Pm at venue MES Indian school KG Hall.Prominent educationalists,career guidance experts and other personalities from India and Qatar will contribute their views to this session. We invite all to this program and part of this positive change.

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What is Youth? Well written, and well debated terminology. It is nothing but the stage of human life during which creative and productive thoughts can be at its peak. Often a few simple mottos in life – job, shelter, and some entertainments become priority in the life during that period, and as a result, creativity of the younger generation will become unutilized, especially in the case of expatriates. The birth of Focus Qatar, the Youth Organization, was from such an awakening. It is almost ten years since the focusQATAR came into existence, and with the grace of Almighty and the support from like minded people, the organization could perform a lot of activities. The Focus Qatar has provided immense opportunities for its young members to work for many noble causes. We have conducted medical camps regularly for the labors, conducted awareness programs, and provided helping hands to the needy in the society, conducted arts and sports programs, and many such activities to list here…including many other activities for the self-development and empowerment of the youth. This time we are coming out with the formation of a women’s wing for the focusQATAR, with the aim of channelizing the creativity of the ...

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